Monday, January 19, 2009

Pumpkin Idli

Yesterday when I went for vegetable shopping, I found very attractive bright yellow pumpkins in the market & got 1 whole pumpkin without even thinking what to prepare. After coming home, started to look for pumpkin recipes, found pumpkin idli in various blogs. When I looked at the ingredients & the quantity of pumpkin used, I found each blog mentioning varied amount & it was drastically different. So, decided not to experiment just by searching.

Next option was to call my mom or mom-in-law to get some recipes. I called my mom, told her that I have large amount of pumpkin with me & asked her for recipes. The first item, she mentioned was pumpkin idli. I asked my mom, if she was sure about the measurements & ingredients because I don’t remember my mom preparing it for many years & not only that she sometimes tells andaju mele hakamma. (meaning.., do some approximation & add the ingredients).But this time, she was quite sure about the measurements & I just followed her instructions. It was mouth-watering, colorful & filled with nutrition.


2 cups grated pumpkin
1 cup idli rawa/semolina (donot use the upma rawa for this)
1/4th cup grated coconut
1 tbsp channa dal (soaked in water)
1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves/cilantro
Salt according to taste (add less quantity than added for normal idli/dosa batter)
1 drop of oil on each idli mould.


  • Mix together all the above mentioned ingredients (except oil). Don’t add any water, just mix everything thoroughly & keep it aside for 30 mins.
  • Batter wouldnot be like normal idli batter, it would be just a mixture types. (Grated pumpkin would look predominantly as rawa gets mixed well with it).

  • Grease the idli plates with oil. Drop a spoonful of this mixture on the idli plate & spread it (don’t press it hard to spread), gently spread it on the idli mould.

  • Steam cook these idlis for 15 minutes. Serve it hot with chutney of your choice or just ghee (clarified butter).

We relished this on Sunday morning with ghee.
I’m sending this recipe to the ‘FIC-Yellow’ hosted by Sunshine mom of Tongue Ticklers.


  1. that's a interesting recipe Sush. Bright yellow idlis looks delicious :)but where does the moisture for idlis come from? grated pumpkin? umm..maadi nodbeku

  2. book marking it right away...very nice rich colour too

  3. I am sure this will be new to most people! Thanks so much for sharing this unique and healthy recipe at FIC!!

  4. wow, pumpkin idli, kele irlilla .. tumba chennagide, must be soo flavorsome. can I use instant rava idli mix to make this?

  5. Very colorful and looks yum. must try! :))

  6. never heard abt this iddli:)
    looks colorful and innovative.

  7. hey first time here and guess what we share the same name too..i hvnt tasted or tried this nice one :)

  8. @ LG
    Try it, it would be a sure hit.

    try madi, hegittu antha heli aitha


  9. @Deesha,

    Instant rawa mix, I dont think so. Because, for rawa idli we use the normal rawa(meaning the upma rawa), this recipe needs idli rawa. May be, we could experiment once.., what say!!


    thank you

    thanks a lot & nice to know you.

  10. wow this yellow pumpkin idli looks delicious specially the colour.I usually make sambar or chutney with this melon. This dish is worth the can visit my blog view my recipes and give ur comments

  11. I tried this recipe today. It was delicious. My daughter ate this with no fuss. Thanks.



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