Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Owl Cupcakes | Eggless Owl Cupcakes

 Learn how to make eggless owl cupcakes

Though this owl cupcake is easy to make, it is very time consuming. However, these are so cute and the kids will love them for sure. When I carried these for my son’s birthday party at School, the kids starting guessing the ingredients and enjoyed eating them so much. In fact, my son said.., whenever the other kids get cupcakes from stores, they scrape off the frosting and then eat the cup cake. But, in my case, most of the kids came to me and said.., they loved the frosting. They even thanked me for such cute cupcakes. So, all my efforts was well worth it. The icing of the cake was.., my son was so proud of his mom and he thanked me personally too.

Back to the recipe. I am not an expert in making cakes or cupcakes. I have got many requests to show how I made these owl cupcakes for my son’s birthday. You can customize it according to what is available at hand. Do not forget to refer the notes section as I am mentioning the alternatives to most of the items used.

Chocolate cupcakes: About 2 dozens or as much as you want, refer notes
Chocolate buttercream frosting: 1 lb or 1/2 kg, refer notes
Mini Oreos: 1 pack.
Chocolate chips (mini) : 1 pack  |OR|
M&M Chocolates: 1 pack (chocolate color or dark brown color), refer notes
Colorful Skittles: 1 pack, refer notes

Open the mini Oreos carefully with the white cream intact.
Using a knife, cut the other Oreo cookie in half, refer to the pics below.

Spread about a tablespoon or more of frosting on each cupcake.

Place 2 Oreo cookies with the cream side facing up (as shown below).

Dab a little frosting on to the mini chocolate chips and place them on top of the Oreo cookie.

Press in the skittle in the center (for the nose)

Use the cut oreo cookies to make ears. So, your owl cupcake is ready. Repeat the same with the other cupcakes. I made about 40 cupcakes.


  • You could use readymade plain cupcakes or make it using the cake mix. I made the cupcakes from scratch.
  • You could use store bought chocolate buttercream frosting and reduce your effort.
  • Skittles can be replaced with Gems (easily available in India)
  • M&M’s can also be replaced with chocolate colored gems or I am sure you get mini chocolate chips everywhere these days. 

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