Monday, December 29, 2008

Instant Pepper Rasam

I was made to eat pepper rasam twice a day for the first 15 days of my post pregnancy period, but, I never complained as it was tasty. It can be prepared in less than 5 minutes & this rasam is packed with loads of medicinal values. See yourself below to know how it helps our body to fight against diseases.

Jeera : Helps in digestion & fights against acidity
Pepper : Soothes throat in case of itching or infection, fights against cough & cold. It is said to be soothing to stomach too (green chilli causes acidity ). Keeps the body warm.
Garlic : Fights against cold, good for heart (said to reduce the cholesterol level)
Curry leaves : Helps to reduce weight

These days, I’m preparing this rasam once a week to keep ourselves away from cold. So, here is the recipe for you to protect your family from cold, cough & throat infections!!

1 tbsp black pepper/kalu menasu
½ tbsp jeera/cumin seeds
1.5 cups water
¼ tsp ghee
6 curry leaves
1 pod garlic minced
Salt according to taste
½ tsp tamarind powder/amchur powder
A pinch of jaggery(optional)
1 tsp oil
¼ tsp mustard seeds


  • Roast the cumin seeds & black pepper separately by adding very little ghee
  • Powder them together & preserve it in a air-tight container. This powder could be used for upto 3 months. It gives out a nice aroma as it is roasted in ghee.
  • Add water, 1.5 tsp of the above mentioned powder, jaggery & bring them to boil
  • Add tamarind powder, salt & boil it again.
  • Prepare the tempering by adding oil to another pan. When oil is hot, add mustard seeds. When mustard seeds splutter, add curry leaves & garlic. Fry till garlic turns golden brown.
  • Add this tempering to the rasam prepared.
  • Serve it steaming hot with rice.


  • This could be consumed as a soup too.
  • Lemon juice can be substituted for tamarind or amchur powder. Lemon juice fights against cold.
Here is our dinner plate that has pepper rasam, rice, palak thovve & corn-carrot stirfry/salad. So, you can expect to see these recipes soon ;)

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  1. Bisi bisi menasina saaru, best winter dinner!
    kosambari on the plate also looks yummy



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