Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Balekayi dose (Raw banana dosa)

A different & a tasty dosa that can be prepared in minutes as it does not need fermentation.

Generally, most of us forget to plan for the next day breakfast & try to plan for something only after finishing the dinner. Am I not right? So, here is one such recipe that comes handy & is a very easy preparation. I'm sure ladies(also for guys who love to cook :)), all of us will be benefited with this one :)

Here are the very minimal ingredients for this dosa

1 cup raw rice (soaked in water for 3-4 hours)
1 cup balekayi (raw banana) with the outer skin lightly peeled
salt according to taste.

  • Grind together the rice & the raw banana to form a smooth batter (very similar to normal dosa)
  • Add salt according to taste & start preparing the dosas :)
Dosas become very crisp & thin.
Below is the dosa plate for you, it has dosa (ofcourse :-p), karibevu chutneypudi & sambar


  1. I had not heard of this..dose looks nice and crisp. Thanks for sharing Sushma.

  2. Hi Sushma,
    Thanks for visiting my blog:-)Even u have nice entries...
    R u from Mangalore?

  3. This is a nice short cut Dosa... Never heard of balekai as an additive for quick-fix dosa!

  4. @lg
    u r welcome dear :)

    @ruchi ruchi adige
    I'm from Chikmagalur, but my husband is from Udupi. Thanks.

    thank you

  5. Hi Sushma even i have not heard of this... looks awesome.
    Thanks for Visiting my Blog :)

  6. Wow Raw Banana Dosa....this is new for me...
    They look cripsy and perfect....

  7. Hi Sush, hope you are doing great! I just discovered your blog from the RCI Mangalore roundup...Such a fab blog you have, especially the dosa varieties, yum! Especially this dosa, with raw bananas is super, will try this very soon...following you now :)

  8. Hi, I tried the dosa as mentioned in your blog, the dosa did not come out well. Am i missing anything.

    * The dosa was not crisp
    * The smell of raw banana was very strong

    Plz let me know if i am making a mistake somewhere.

  9. Hi Vasantha,

    * Have you used the raw rice or sona masoori rice to prepare this dosa?
    * Did you measure the chopped raw bananas before grinding it?

    I think you have added more raw bananas. Try reducing the quantity of raw bananas next time. For 1 cup of rice, use 3/4th cup of raw banana. Which kind of raw banana did you use? If you use the Indian raw banana, it will come out good.

    Thanks for trying & for giving the feedback.



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