Saturday, October 18, 2008

Neer dosa | Bari akki dose | Rice crepes

This is again a typical south canara recipe. Neer is a kannada word & it means water. It is called Neer Dosa because the batter will be like water. The neer dosa preparation is also little different than the normal ones. Neer dosa is called bari-akki dosa (raw rice dosa) because it is made of only rice & needs no fermentation. It can be prepared as soon as the batter is ready.

Though it is simple, batter consistency plays a major role in preparing this dosa. If it becomes too thin, then dosa cant be prepared. If the batter is thick, then the dosa wont taste good. My mom-in-law who is preparing this from more than three decades certified me that I make good neer dosa. A very happy me :)

(For 2-3 people)
2 cups raw rice soaked for minimum 3 hours(take normal ponni/sona masoori rice used for preparing rice, dont take idli rice or parboiled rice)
2 tbsp grated coconut (fresh/frozen)
1 tbsp curd (optional)
salt according to taste

  • Grind together the rice & grated coconut into a smooth paste.
  • Add enough water & salt( almost double the amount of water then the normal dosa).
  • Keep it aside for 30 mins, if you want to prepare immediately & cannot wait, add curds/yogurt & prepare dosas immediately
  • The dosa batter has to be poured onto the hot tava & left as it is (Please note the batter is poured and should not be spread. One similiar example is rawa dosa prepared in restaurants)
  • Serve it hot with kayi-bella.

Now, let me tell what is kayi-bella. Kayi is a kannada word that means coconut & bella means jaggery. Mix together the grated (fresh/frozen) coconut with the grated jaggery. Same measure of both. Kayi-bella is ready. Kayi-bella & honey(jenu tuppa) is a very good combination for neer dosa


  1. I have heard a lot about this dosa..must give it a try. Kayi bella combo is interesting.

  2. I called my cousin this sunday. She lives in Bangalore and they were having Neer dose for break fast.. here i am now lusting for neer dosa posted here

  3. you have an award on my blog dear.. :)

  4. hi,
    neer dosa looks nice. will surely try ..

  5. Hi Sushma,

    sorry no lentils, pulses and absolutely no dairy...

    Although i would love if u could send your gujje palya, neer dosaa and kayi bella, gujje dosa and bale hannu chapathi

    all of them are very interesting recipes andwell within my allowed ingredients list....I would also be happy if you can think more recipes from my ingredient list....

    can u resend them all linking to my challenge event?

    Thank u


  6. Hey Sush,

    I tried this and it tastes too good.......
    Thanks a lot.....
    keep posting.


  7. sounds healthy n perfectly done dosa.BTW if possible plz visit mine n plz chjeck out my new FB page dear.Hope u vl



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