Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mavinahannu Seekarane | Rasayana (Mango Dessert)

Mango seekarane/rasayana is a "popular" dish in many of the Kannadiga(people from Karnataka, India) house holds. During the mango season, this dish would be prepared atleast once (not just once though!) either as a side dish or a dessert.  Mango seekarane/rasayana is a very quick, easy & simple dish that tastes great as a side dish with chapathis (Indian Flat bread) or pooris. Our family just love this dish with pooris & the left over seekarane/rasayana is consumed as a dessert, in no time !!!
Ingredients: (Serves 2-3)
Ripened Mangoes: 2 numbers (sweet ones)
Sugar: 6 tbsp (adjust according to the sweetness of the mangoes)
Milk: 1 small cup
Water: 1/2 cup (this could be replaced with milk too)
Cashews: 5 (soaked in water, optional)
Saffron: a small pinch

  • Peel out the skin & chop the mango around the seed. Discard the seed. Preserve a small cup of chopped mangoes.
  • Blend together the remaining mangoes, sugar, milk, soaked cashews, water until a smooth & a thick puree is formed (should be like a thick milkshake)
  • Scoop out the puree, add the remaining finely chopped mangoes & saffron.
  • Serve chilled as a side-dish or dessert.

  • Cashews are added to get the thickness to the seekarane. This could be avoided by more mangoes. Ripened bananas can also be used to thicken the seekarane.
  • A vegan version of the same can be prepared using coconut milk. My mom-in-law prepares using coconut milk & that version is equally tasty.
  • Sugar could be replaced with jaggery. You can do many changes with this dish, but the final result is always tasty & relished by everybody.
Hah!!, after a long time I got a chance to send this dish to an event. This goes to "No-Cook" event hosted by PJ of seduceyourtastebuds.


  1. Maavina season start blogalli already started..... It raining mangoes & its preps around.... Seekarane thumba thumba chennaagide.... Mangalore nalli, naavu, maavina hannina chandrpuli antha maadtheve maththe hannina saasive maadthaare..... Ottare ellavu ruchruchi yaagiruththade....

    Namalli, tulu bhaashe yalli mago is called KUKU..... No wonder I love both mangoes & KUKU......

    Do stop by my new space if possible....


  2. Slurppp!!wat a tempting mango seekarane.....

  3. the mengo dessert looks appetising and refreshing and nutritious.

  4. love mango puddings..this one is superb..

  5. Mango slice looks so tempting so as seekarane...

  6. Dear sush
    I hope I will be back home just on time when the mango season starts.
    Very nice recipe .
    Happy holi

  7. eega urgentagi holige seekarane thinbeku annistha ide :P

  8. that looks so delicious.. now you got me craving a bit earlier for the start of the mango season :)

  9. lovely clicks! tempting dessert :)

  10. Never tasted this sweet dish but would love to try it out as it just looks tempting and irresistible...lovely clicks sush and wish you and your family a very happy holi

  11. Are mangoes already available in market? Havent seen here as yet, mango sweet looks very yummy!

  12. Wonderful looking dessert! Very new to me! Mouthwatering.. :)

  13. I tried mangos in dhal and they arent sweet yet, looking forward for the mango season... The dessert looks very yummy and tempting!!!

  14. Love seekarane ri!! Ah! If there is anything I miss as badly as I do on this side of Atlantic it is Mangoes..

  15. Never tasted this deesert before.Its really tempting!!!

  16. hi Sush, we love eating this with hot pooris. The clicks are really tempting. Waiting for Mangoes to arrive..
    do drop by and check out my space

  17. what a lovely color, i am sure it must have tasted heavenly too

  18. nice click,my moms this and I love to eat it with puris.sounds a lill wierd but its yummy.



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