Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garlic Bread (Microwave Version)

This starter played a major role in increasing the BMI of me & my hubby. We used to crave for Pizza Hut’s garlic bread. Aha!! It used to be lip smacking. My hubby knew my craving for garlic bread & he used to make sure we eat it at least once a week during my pregnancy days. I remember eating 1 & ½ portion (1 portion => 4 slices) of garlic bread with cheese 2 days before my delivery too ;)

I had almost forgotten the taste of garlic bread after I moved here. Recently, on one of the lazy saturday afternoon’s, I started looking for garlic bread recipe & I found something interesting here. I gave a try, but did not have high expectations as I did not have an oven & had to compromise with the microwave. It did not come out very well since I used more garlic & the end result became a little bitter. I tried 2-3 times again with small portions until I was happy with the result. However, it would taste better if baked in an oven, but microwave was also not a bad idea :)

Here is my first tried version of garlic bread. I served this with pasta.

Baguette: 1/2 loaf
Mixed herbs: 1 small pinch on each slice
Margarine: 5 tbsp
Garlic: 3 pods
Salt: A pinch

  • Slice the baguette into 3/4th inch slices.
  • Roast the garlic on a medium flame till raw smell of garlic disappears & it turns slightly brown. Allow it to cool.
  • Grate the garlic or prepare a paste out of it, mix the garlic with margarine. Add salt, mix well.
  • Spread a pinch of herbs on the sliced baguette & spread the garlic butter/margarine generously over the slice.
  • Arrange it in a microwave safe tray & bake it for 8 minutes.
  • Allow it cool & serve the garlic bread with any dip or with pasta of your choice.

PS: My microwave does not have temperature indications on it. I tried 2 slices first by keeping it in medium power for 5 minutes. The crust became very hard. Hence, kept it on medium for 2 minutes & 6 minutes on low power. It turned out good. Hence, be prepared to perform few trials until you get a hang of your microwave.


  1. Wow thats mouth watering garlic bread..my sis loves this :) will def make for her:)

  2. hey sushma,
    Love garlic bread! interesting to know that u got it pretty well in the m/w. The slices look wonderfully cheesy and well flavoured :)

  3. Wow! awsome kanrii thanks for posting i just love garlic bread :)

  4. I love garlic bread.....can hv it anytime...:)

  5. I love garlic bread & crave for it often, looks sooo good Sushma

  6. Looks yum and delightful....

  7. Garlic bread looks so gud.. nice tempting pics !!

  8. they look so good and tempting..

  9. Wow! that looks great. Really tempting. Nice click too.

  10. Pizza Hut garlic bread is my fav too...infact I just love garlic bread ....umm this one is so tempting...am all want to eat again !

  11. looks very simple & delicious.

  12. Awesome pics and the garlic breads are perfectly made... Microwaves have eased our lives...

  13. oooo..this looks absolutely delicious. Got to try this! Any recommendation for baking temperature and time?

  14. I love the pizza hut garlic bread too!

  15. @Pragyan,
    Thanks for your wonderful comments. The site that I referred to baking this bread, mentioned about baking this in preheated oven for 15-20minutes at 300 degree Faranheit.

  16. Bread looks awesome.. Love the cheesy click.

  17. This is simply amazing picture of your version! If you hv a grill combi in your mw, you can try this ... (http://fantasycookblog.blogspot.com/search?q=garlic+bread) this gets done in 3 mins first round, 2mins every subsequent round. The videojug recipe too is amazing, hv made it many times on family demand.:) Lovely space here!

  18. Hi is it possible to make garlic bread without baking........If yes please suggest how. I am trying to learn cooking.........

    My boyfriend always say I cannot make gud food so i Want to.

    I do have microvae but it does not have convection features

  19. @Ruchika,
    If you have the passion to learn new things..,you can learn cooking pretty soon. I didnot have a convection oven till last month. I used to bake the garlic bread in microwave only.
    Just understand the power of your micorwave & go ahead with the above mentioned recipe. Try one portion at a time, by baking it in microwave from 3-7mins (depends on the micowave power settings). Good luck :)

  20. hi,i am a big fan pof garlic braed.plase sugest me the tempertaure of oven and i tried many diffrent cheese but d way its gum kind of in pizza shop its not at home.which cheese to use plz suggest

  21. What is included in "mixed herbs"?



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