Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thondekayi Saasime/Saasive (Ivy Gourd in Yogurt Sauce)

Thank you all for your inspiring words, mails & suggestions. I am back to normal now. I was home sick missing my parents, sister, brother & all the loved ones. This is the first time, I stayed away from them for such a long time. I called my mom, sister & all my loved ones; spoke to them many times over the last two weeks & now, I have got all my energy, enthusiasm back.

BTW, Don't you think I have given an overdose of yogurt recipes? By now, most of you must have known my affair with yogurt/curd. Be it a simple curd rice or a yogurt mousse, I absolutely love yogurt dishes. Hence, I love preparing, eating & blogging more & more yogurt based dishes like tambli, saasime, hashi etc.

Now, lets talk about ivy gourd; "bhendekayi buddivardaka, thondekayi buddinashaka" is a saying in Kannada. It's loose translation is, "okra helps in building one's intelligence while ivy gourd is converse of the above". I donot know how true is the above statement, but I know of few families who donot cook ivy gourd just because they have heard about this. Poor guys!!In our family, all of us love ivy gourd; so, I normally prepare this 'saasime' very frequently. So far, I think, the effect of eating this are not visible yet :)

12-15 ivy gourd/ thondekayi
1tsp urad dal
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp jeera/cumin seeds
1 big pinch turmeric
1 big pinch tamarind powder/amchur powder
1/2 cup curd
3 tbsp grated coconut(fresh/frozen)
1 green chilli (finely chopped)
1 broken red chilli
salt according to taste
2 tsp cooking oil

Wash the ivy gourd & chop them into very thin slices as shown below.

Add the oil to a broad kadai, when oil is hot, add urad dal.
When urad dal becomes golden brown, add sliced ivy gourd(sliced) & fry it in oil until crisp (takes around 6-8minutes).
When the ivy gourd is 3/4th done, add salt, amchur powder & continue to stiyfry the vegetable. Remove from flame & allow it to cool.

Make a fine paste of grated coconut, turmeric & mustard seeds. Add this paste, finely chopped green chilli, curd & salt to the cooled bendekayi. (Adjust salt accordingly as salt is added while stir-frying the vegetable)
Prepare the tempering. Add oil to a sauce pan, when oil is hot, add cumin seeds, when cumin seeds splutter, add broken red chilli, asafetida, curry leaves & pour this tempering to the saasime prepared.
Thonde saasime is ready to be served with rice or roti.

Smitha of Saffron Apron has passed me this beautiful award. Thanks a lot for the award Smitha.



  1. Hey Sushma, I loved this one have never tried this with Tindoora am gonna try this...

  2. Love this Sushma. My favourite. I would eat just like that.Yumm

  3. wow, I have never tried this .. looks delicious

  4. Hmm....everytime i buy this , i would like to make a fry with it..will give a try next time

  5. Hi Sushma,
    nimma spoorti vapas banda karna tumba santosha agtide :)sada heege iri!
    Congratulations on ur award!
    BTW tondkai nanage tumba priya vadaddu, haven't made saasive from this veggie, thanks vomme khandita try madtene :) nice snaps.

  6. very new dish to me. thanks for this lovely entry sushma.

  7. Tondekayi sasime looks nice Sush, btw I made majjige huli adding seemebadnekayi and it was too good! I will try this sasime soon.

  8. Good to knw you are feeling gud all back :).. this looks gud..never try this method..Congrats on ur award

  9. Nice to see you back.....Ivy gourd in yogurt sounds new to me...Looks yum...

  10. Hey Sush, just dropped by to answer ur question. WIne is optional in the soup. So just leave it out if u don't want to add it.No need to substitute with anything.:)

  11. Ooo i love thondekaayi. I sually make palya from it. My mil make sandige and what not!! Haven't heard of a sasve. Will try this one next time I get thondekayi from the desi store!

  12. Typical havyaka recipe alva :) wow! nana fave kanri Thanks kanri ..nanu yavaglu tondekayalli try maadi irlilla:)

  13. This is too good, and I assume any veggie would work well with this. I will keep this bookmarked.

  14. Love sasime.I love this kind of simple recipes rather than sambar.I never tried making sasime at home, but my mom makes it with different veggies :)

  15. i have had okra and mullu sowte sasve but not tondekai. bookmarked :)



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