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Set Dosa with Vegetable Saagu

I did not know the real taste & meaning of set dosa until I came to Mysore. Mysore is a historical capital of Karnataka. It is famous for its palace (popularly known as Mysore Palace), the very reputed university (University of Mysore), Dasara festival celebrations, KRS dam (Krishna Raja Sagar) , Chamundi Hills & new additions like GRS Fantasy Park, Karanji Lake etc. There is a famous song describing the various spots in Mysore. People who can understand Kannada could listen to & see the song at youtube. It is also famous for silk. Who doesn’t know about the very famous 'Mysore Silk Sarees'. They are so light & pleasant to put on with absolutely pleasing colours.
Apart from these, it is also famous for its food. Oh!!, the different types of roadside churmuris, Mysore Masala Dosa, Set Dosa & Mysore Pak. All Mysoreans would have their own preferences for relishing their masala & set dosas. The most popular spots being, GTR in Chamundipuram, Mylari hotel for tatte idli (plates are used as moulds to prepare idlis), Raju hotel in Ramanuja Road, Paras for chats & other sweets in Sayyaji Rao Road, Nalapak Group of Resturants in various localities & Penguin to relish varieties of ice creams. I am becoming nostalgic now & I can write pages together as I love Mysore so much.
Let me come back to set dosa before my eyes get wet. It is known as set dosa because, 3 identical & extremely soft dosas are placed one above the other on a banana leaf, topped with some generous butter & served with 1 cup of vegetable saagu(vegetable curry) & 1 cup of coconut chutney. The aroma from the plate makes you jump over it immediately.
This recipe mentioned below is a close match to the one served in restaurants, my hubby always compliment me saying “it is very similar to restaurant served set dose”. Do try it & get complimented by your loved ones. It boosts your energy levels :p
You can see the vegetable saagu recipe here.

Idli rice/Parboiled rice: 1.5 cups
Broken rice/Normal rice: 2.5 cups
Urad dal: 1 cup
Beaten Rice/Avalakki/Poha: 1/2 cup
Salt: According to taste
Sugar: a generous pinch
Yogurt/Curd: 1/4th cup
Other ingredients:
Oil: 1/4th tsp to grease each dosa

  • Wash the rice & urad dal several times in water. Soak the rice & dal together for 5-6 hours.
  • Wash the beaten rice thoroughly & soak it in yogurt for 5-6 hours.
  • Blend the rice, dal & beaten rice together to form a smooth batter. Batter should be like thick milkshake.
  • Scoop the batter in a broad vessel, close the lid & keep it in a warm place for 8-10 hours to ensure proper fermentation. Batter would be doubled after 10 hours.
  • Add salt, sugar to the batter, mix well.
  • Heat the griddle, pour a ladle full of batter on to the hot griddle & spread the dosa batter gently. Donot spread the batter more as the dosa needs to be thick & shall look a pancake. Pores start forming on the dosa as shown below.

  • Now, close the lid of the griddle & cook the dosa covered. Open the lid after 30secs, turn the dosa & cook it on the other side.

  • Prepare 2 more such dosas &set dosa is ready to be served with saagu or chutney.


  1. so soft and spongy set dosa a nice color to ohhh I can feel that aroma yum yum

  2. Soft and spongy set dosa looks yummm!

  3. Feelings are mutual described abt mysore, is hould describe abt Bangalore...I just love the food there...n Set dosa is my favorite from childhood..I love the Benne topped set dosa's...Yummy..urs is looking yummy too..

  4. Set dosa looks so soft and wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I am sure going to make this.


  5. mmm. set dosa looks soooo tempting Sushma! So soft and perfect.

  6. the doss looks perfect .. I love it with sagu

  7. Hi Sushma,
    you put me in a nostalgia engulfed state :( I miss Bangalore so very dearly.... Mysore cuisine is enjoyed there too with the same authenticity...there are many places which serve the typical masala dosa and set dosas with filter coffee....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...miss it so much.Neways...your dosas look soft and fluffy and make a perfect set :)

  8. Very tempting dosa. Sounds like saravana bhavan menu. Lovely.

  9. I heard about set dose when we moved to Bangalore! I remember GTR, we used to climb chamundi betta and then do have masala dose in that restaurant,like every weekend!! I am not that fond of Mysore though because I spent 2 yrs in a hostel there- NOT GOOD!!!

    I will be making these set dosas when I have guests next month!

  10. The color is too good. I feel like visitin good old Mysore now :)

  11. good description of Mysore and dosa mastagide!

  12. @All,
    Thank you for the lovely comments.

  13. thats a LOVELY brown color. and the pores have come out perfectly. the dosas look great Sush!

  14. Hi Sushma,
    you made me nostalgic too..i luv mysore more than my home town as i was there for 6 yrs..luved mylari hotel dosa's, sweets at paras, & sunday visits to palace..
    thanx for dropping a line in my blog, so im here...u have a wonderful blog..ur set dosa looks perfect..i'll try it out soon..(will see & try out other recipes too..)

  15. Sushma:

    U have done a wonderful thing by put all these recipes, your art is well presented which is authentic from older generation hands. Good Luck and keep posting.

  16. Anonymous:
    Thanks a lot. You made my day :)

  17. Namaste,
    we tried set dosas as per your guidelines. They tasted great.Thanks a lot. God Bless...

  18. Namaste Sushms ji,
    We tried set dosas and they tasted great. Thanks a lot for your instruction.

  19. Great!!!

    Will definatly try this receipe.. Looks Yummy :):):)



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