Thursday, April 8, 2010

Perganji/Kayihalu ganji(Coconut milk porridge)

Per is a Tulu word for milk. The name of this dish is unlike its ingredients. Here milk refers to coconut milk. This is one special dish that can be consumed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Very easy to prepare & tasty to eat. Coconut lovers can hook on to this dish for ever.

                                                                      (Pic: Porridge served with carrot pickle)
 I got this recipe from hubby's aunt during my last visit to India. I tried using store bought coconut milk, but somehow didnot like the taste of it. Freshly extracted coconut milk would taste & smell many times better than the store bought coconut milk.

Ingredients:(Serves 1-2)
Rice: 1 cup (Use ponni rice, raw rice or sona masoori)
Water: 3 cups
Coconut milk: 1/2 cup (thick)
Coconut milk: 1 cup (thin)

  • Soak the rice for 30mins.
  • Meantime bring water to a boil. When water starts boiling, add the rice & cook it on a low heat until rice is 3/4th done. Add the thin coconut milk & cook again. When rice is completely done, it becomes mushy.
  • At this point, add thick coconut milk & cook for another 3-5mins.
  • Perganji/Coconut milk porridge is ready. Serve it with pickle or chutney or palya/stirfry/poriyal.

  • Donot add ghee while serving this porridge as coconut milk & ghee donot go hand-in-hand.
  • Salt is not generally added to this porridge, but if your family prefers, go ahead & add. 


  1. delicious kanji...i too posted this last week...

  2. Enk bada aaondu undu..... Iththe..... Yaan podu dadandala malpodu...... Mast edde undu.... I love the taste of it...... Coconut is something that brings out its awesomeness with anything & everything....... CHEERS!!!!


  3. Thats a delicious porridge to enjoy anytime..looks awesome..

  4. Hey, you have not collected the awards.
    The rice looks very tempting. I am feeling hungry again.

  5. Hey, you have not collected the awards.
    The rice looks very tempting. I am feeling hungry again.

  6. Wow,that looks,tempting ,mouthwatering!

  7. Interesting porridge, simple and a quickie too.

  8. Simple & easy.New recipe for me.

  9. I fall flat for its taste every time mom prepare it :) simple priceless
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Ahh never had this....very interesting...

  11. Never tried Ganji before.. should go ahead and give it a try, coconut ganji sounds like a good point to start :)

  12. Perganji looks delicious..pickle is a good combo for this one
    in kerala its known as palkanji.
    The store bought milk doesn't give the exact taste..

  13. Nothing is as comforting as this, healthy too!

  14. i love flavour of coconut milk so am sure to love this one as healthy and nice

  15. Yummy porridge, very fulfilling too!

  16. We call it cheppi kheeri.... I love it Yummmm :)

  17. Hi...
    We call this "thengaitho perdho ganji". When we were growing up, this was made for every "dwadeshi" ie the day after "ekadeshi". This goes very well with fresh coriander chutney.

  18. Hi,
    Please can yo give me the recipe of Fenugreek Seeds rice .

  19. In south canara we prepare similar dish called 'Hosthu', prepared with freshly harvested paddy and coconut milk. It tastes delicious..



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