Thursday, February 19, 2009

Halasina Mulka (Deep fried jackfruit sweet): A quicker version

The name mulka makes my mom-in-law nostalgic. She starts recalling past days & she brings those memories in her words to us(particularly to her daughter-in-laws). She starts something like this, my son did his high school & pre-university in Manipal & as a result he had to stay away from me. But, when we went for selection for engineering seat, I had made up my mind that my son will be with me. So, it was me who decided him to study here & he was traveling a short distance(?!) of about 40kms everyday to reach his college. Later, she starts with his favorite food & cooking under 10mins dishes.

"I used to cook godi dosa (wheat flour dosa) along with chutney, avalakki upkari (beaten rice upkari), neer dosa & simple breakfast items to him. He used to sometimes leave home as early as 6:30 to 7:00a.m. He was not carrying lunch & he used to be back only by 5:00p.m or sometimes 6:00p.m. He did not like eating rice & I used to prepare golibaje or mulka for him every day evening."I get impressed by this, everyday golibaje or mulka?? Wow!!.

She continues, "his friends used to like the coffee & mulka that I prepare & used to tell me that, they came home just to drink the coffee & mulka that I made". There ends her flashback.
I have to accept that, my mom-in-law makes amazingly nice coffee & the best ever golibaje & mulka. Later because of health problems, the frequency of golibaje & mulka preparation reduced at home. Even now, if a guest visits our home, the first option for her is golibaje, mulka & coffee.

Recently my hubby visited India. He gave me a call from his place, saying that he is enjoying the mulka prepared by his mom. Not only that, my son is also enjoying the mulka prepared by his ajji(grandmom). Now, I am the only one being deprived of mulka. Hence decided to cook here & enjoy eating.

I knew that for mulka we need wheat flour, bananas & other ingredients. I did not have bananas at home, instead had a packet of jackfruit. I had bought jackfruit to prepare Mangalore buns & post it to AFAM:Jackfruit hosted by LG. I called my mom-in-law, confirmed if I could prepare mulka with jackfruit & went ahead preparing.

The first batch sticked to the pan, it made me really sad. Later realized, it could be because of the sugar I added to it. Also, the oil was not very hot. So, I heated the oil properly & then made the next batches, it turned out good. Here ends my long & interesting (boring??) story.

1 cup wheat flour/atta/godi hittu
2tbsp maida/self raising flour
½ cup pureed jackfruit
3-4 tbsp powdered jaggery (increase or decrease the amount depending on the jackfruit used)
A pinch of salt
A pinch of baking soda
½ tsp powdered cardamom
Oil for deep frying

  • Mix all the above ingredients (except oil) by adding little water. Prepare a thick batter out of it. (Batter should be of dropping consistency).
  • Let the batter soak for 30-45mins.
  • Heat oil in a broad pan, when the oil is hot, make small lemon sized balls of the batter using your fingers & drop it to oil.
  • Fry on medium flame until they turn golden brown.
  • Place them on absorbent paper & remove any excess oil.
  • Serve it hot.
This recipe goes to Asankhana’s event “ Create With Luv for Luv“ as it is my hubby’s favorite & I cooked it for him.
Along with the above recipe, I’m sending the whole bunch of jackfruit recipes at my blog to AFAM:Jackfruit hosted by LG & to Maheshwari's blog. Here goes the entries..


  1. Great looking sweet, slurp!! :)

  2. rii..namma evenge kalsalva? sob sob.. :(
    Btw mulka ..I heard it for the first time and it is really interesting :)

  3. wow ..first time hearing about this sweet..I will bring them and make this weekend..loos yummy

  4. I was wondering why there has been no jackfruit on Savi-ruchi despite the AFAM- Jackfruit!! now here it comes.. I guess worth watching looks like more to come.. I love Jackfruit so much that my folks call me a Bear- an Indian version of Pooh, but cannot quite cook with it. All the jackfruit will be gone even before we can cook it ;)

  5. @Asha,
    Thanks ri

    nimma eventge khanditha kalisthene. Infact, I'm actually planning to send whole lot of jackfruit recipes to the event. I'll update this post & send it soon.

    Do try & let me know if you like it.

    Thanks Smitha. I will send all my jackfruit recipes to AFAM-Jackfruit.

  6. Thanks Sushma for updating the post and sending all authentic recipes to my event :)

  7. Love jackfruit mulka, my mom used to make it,i miss it here.. :( !! Looks so nice and crispy mulka.. lovely, feel like having :P !!



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