Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ukkarisida Akki Rotti (Rice flour Indian Bread)

My granny keeps telling this story whenever akki rotti is prepared, at our house. The incident happened when I was a toddler. My age was around 2 & ½ years. I was at my maternal grandparents place as my mom had just delivered my brother. Ajji (Grand mom) was preparing akki rotti for the entire family.

She normally keeps 2 rotti henchu (griddle or tawa) & 2 banale (kadai or pot) to prepare akki rotti. She pats the rotti on the griddle itself & keeps it on flame. To cook for 8-10 people at a time she needs minimum of 3-4 tawa or kadai. She lets one of the kadai to cool, pat on the other & third will be on flame. Even after removing the tawa from flame, she keeps the akki rotti on the tawa/griddle for a minute to make it little crispier.

As she says, she had kept it on the oralu kallu (grinding stone used those days). She was very busy preparing, so did not notice me entering the kitchen. I jumped with joy after seeing the steaming hot akki-rotti. I immediately went & held the tawa in both hands & yelled at once!! It was piping hot. Both my hands were burnt & my ajja (grandpa) was furiously looking at my ajji. Me being, the eldest grandchild of the family, was pampered with utmost love. My ajja took me to the hospital & fed me for 3-4 weeks (even after I was completely well). Though, I am not able to recall a single moment of this incident, I get the visual image when my ajji explains it.

Many years (couple of decades indeed) passed by & I went to my mom’s place post my delivery. My ajji had come there to help my mom. She used to prepare akki rotti, but it was not given to me since it had onion & coconut (My ajji had restricted me from eating coconut, onion etc.). I started craving for akki rotti & my ajji noticed that. She came up with the idea of ukkarisida akki rotti for me. This was my evening snack for almost one month & I never said “no” to it even for a day!!!

2.25 cups rice flour
4 cups water
Salt according to taste.

  • Add salt to water & bring the water to a boil.
  • Put the rice flour to the boiling water. Don’t sprinkle the rice flour all over the boiling water. Just add the entire flour at a stretch to the boiling water.
  • Reduce the flame.
  • Partially cover the vessel with a lid.
  • Allow the rice flour to get cooked for 6-8 minutes.
  • Turn off the flame.
  • Gently mix the cooked rice flour with water. If small lumps are formed, don't worry, it can be kneaded later.
  • Allow the mixture to come to normal temperature.
  • Knead the rice flour for 5-10 mins. The complete mixture must become like a single mass & will be similar to wheat flour dough (Note: rice flour dough would be softer than wheat flour dough)
  • Make lemon sized balls with the dough.
  • Roll the balls with a rolling pin by generously adding rice flour in between.
  • Cook both sides of the rotti on a hot griddle.
  • Serve it hot with any side dish of your choice.

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