Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hayagreeva (Maddi ) !!!

Dont go by the name of this dish..this sweet dish is should taste it to believe it...well, let me help you... i will provide the recipe of this dish...prepare it an d let me know how did it taste :)

1 cup channa dal (kadale bele)
1 to 1.25 cups jaggery (bella)
1/4th cup of water
1 cardamom
4-6 cashewnuts & raisins
1 tablespoon grateddry coconut/dessicated coconut (kobbari)
1 tablespoon ghee

- Dry roast the channa dal.
- Soak the roasted channa dal for an hour
- Pressure cook the soaked dal (channa dal takes more time to cook than toor dal).
- Heat a kadai, add water & powdered jaggery to it.
- Jaggery should get dissolved completely in water.
- Heat until bubbles start forming in the syrup.
- Drain the water from the cooked channa dal & add the channa dal to this syrup.
- Add cardamom powder & grated dry-coconut.
- Mix all the ingredients added & cook on a slow flame for about 10-15 mins.
- Heat the ghee in another kadai, fry the cashewnuts & raisins in it.
- Add the fried cashewnuts & raisins to the channa dal mixture.
- Hayagreeva (maddi) is ready to serve.

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