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Here goes the first recipe - Karibevu Chutney pudi

I belong to a small village from Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India. I'm proud for being born in Chikmagalur, awesome place on earth. We at our home prepare varieties of chutney powders (chutney pudi) & a variety of gojju (something like curry). This one's is my ever favorite. It also helps people in reducing the body weight[ladies, keep a note on this]. I remember my granny preparing fenugreek powder (menthyada hittu), om kalu chutney pudi(ajwain chutney powder) & many more to quote, along with the one mentioned below. We eat this chutney pudi with anything like rice, chapathi, dosa, idli. I love eating this with steaming hot rice & ghee.

You know what, just after my delivery(post pregnancy or bananthana in kannada), I was made to eat this every night (along with rice, ghee). After eating this, i used to get little pepper rasam or rice & milk( anna-haalu). I enjoyed those days.., ehhahha.....

Karibevu chutneypudi (Curry leaves chutney powder)

2-3 bunches of curry leaves(karibevu),
2-3 spoons of urad dal(uddina bele)
1 spoon channa dal(kadale bele)
1 small cup of grated dry coconut or dessicated cocounut (kobbari)
6-8 red chilli (depends on the taste)
jaggery, salt & tamarind (according to taste)


1. Wash & dry the curry leaves.
2. Dry fry or roast the curry leaves on pan till it becomes crisp.(Leaves should break easily). Allow it to cool for sometime.
3. Then dry roast the channa dal & urad dal.
4. Roast the red chilli & grated coconut seperately.
5. Allow all the roasted items to cool for a while.
6. Then put curry leaves, roasted channa dal, urad dal, red chilli in the mixie jar & make a course powder out of it.
7. Now, add tamarind, jaggery, salt, dry coconut & make a final powder out of it.

This powder lasts for almost 3-4 months without refrigiration.

Tip: Keep the chutney powder in air for 30 mins before keeping it in a closed container.

This is my recipe for SWC-Karnataka


  1. Yummy.........Ummmmmmm... I love Karibevu chutneypudi... Well keep posting many more traditional receipes... and welcome to the world of blogging...

  2. New to this have yummy recipes..thanks for participating in SWC-Karnataka event. We have a little portal of Singapore Bloggers here I will add you there so we can get your updates.

  3. Hi Sushmaji,
    thanks for the recepies..I am pregnant so pepper rasam, curry leaves chutni pudi..was very useful


  4. Please give the recipe for Mulgapudi Chatni powder

  5. @Chaitra,
    Thank you. Such comments make my day :)

    @Venkatesh Prabhu,
    I hope you are referring to milagai podi, the chutney powder with lentils & red chillies. Will publish that recipe as soon as I can. Thank you for your request.



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