Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby corn-capsicum grilled sandwich in Mumbai style.

Who doesn't want to whip a quick brunch on weekends? I obviously do especially when we get up very hungry at noon :D Most of us relax & enjoy our weekend.

Some families cook elaborate meals on weekend as they feel, they would have rushed to make weekday food. However some families believe in relaxing & enjoying with the family, rather than spending most of the weekend time in the kitchen. I belong to the latter. I keep weekend cooking as fast as possible. 

Hence would come up with different sandwiches, burgers, poha, upma etc. This is one such sandwich tried. I love the combination of corn & capsicum. That is already evident in my previous posts, isn't it? Crunchiness & tad sweetness of the half cooked baby corn with a spicy chutney & a bite into the capsicum makes this sandwich delicious. 

Ingredients: (For 3 sandwiches)
For sandwich:
Sandwich bread: 6 slices (It could be white bread, whole wheat or multi grain).
Baby corn: 6 nos (sliced)
Capsicum: 1 no (seeded & cut into small pieces).
Broccoli: a small piece, shredded (optional)
Green chutney: 1.5 tsp for each sandwich.

For green chutney: (The below ingredients will make approximately 1.5 cups of green chutney).
Mint leaves/Pudina: 2 cups, tightly packed
Coriander leaves: 2 cups, tightly packed
Green chilies: 6-8 nos, more or less. 
Onion: 1 medium sized, chopped coarsely
Ginger: 1 inch, chopped coarsely
Lemon juice: 1.5 tbsp
Salt: According to taste

Green chutney recipe:
Wash the mint & coriander leaves thoroughly in water. Chop them coarsely. In a food processor, blend all the ingredients mentioned for the green chutney to a smooth paste. Add little water, if needed. Scoop out the chutney to a air tight container, store it & use as needed. The shelf life of chutney is around a month. 

For assembling the sandwich:
Remove the crust of your bread. (Optional).

Evenly spread a  teaspoon or more of the green chutney on the bread slice.

Throw in the slices of the baby corn on top of the chutney. Isn't attractive? I loved the green & yellow combination here. 

Sprinkle the grated broccoli.(around a tbsp).

Throw in the finely chopped capsicum (around a tbsp).

Cover with another slice of bread. 

Smear butter on top of the bread. Add few drops of olive oil or butter to the griller & grill the sandwich for 5-7 mins. *

I have grilled the sandwich on a electric griller & also on a stove-top griddle. I prefer to grill them on a electric griller. The slow cooking in the electric griller makes it tasty. However, not having a griller should not be a reason for not trying. Go ahead & make it on a tawa/griddle. While using a griddle, ensure to cook the sandwich on a low heat. Cook on both sides until golden brown.

  • Baby corn-paneer is also a very good combination to try out. 
  • The green chutney recipe mentioned here is very versatile.It could be used as a dip for fritters, french fries, pakoras, kebabs, samosas etc. The same chutney along with sweet chutney could be used for making chats, like bhel puri. So, making them in bulk is no harm.

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