Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The vegetable

Here is the enlarged image of the same.
Thanks for the response. Many got it confused with cauliflower. The first correct answer  "Cabbage" came from myspicykitchen. Three cheers to her.

When I took this photo, I saw the cauliflower plants too, but was unable to go near to take the pictures. Both plants look alike, except that the leaves of the cauliflower plant are more pointed in shape than the cabbage plant. Also, the leaves naturally cover the cauliflower head to maintain its color. Here is the picture of the cauliflower plant (Reference:
During the trip, we saw potato plants, maize, pineapple & lot more. Here are some potatoes getting ready for shipment to your country :p


  1. :) Thanks for the answer! Btw where did you take this pic from? Tour hogidra?

  2. awesome pictures....delightful to see these fresh veggies...

  3. Thanks for the answer sush!!!nice one...

  4. Its truly a real pleasure to see those fresh veggies..

  5. So it is cabbage! Beautiful pictures of the farm.

  6. Beautiful pictures,thanks for sharing.Love going to the farms.

    Pushpa @



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