Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Simple Carrot Palya | Vegan Carrot and Coconut Stirfry: Beginner Series

Some of my cousins started cooking after they moved out for work. One such cousin requested me to share very simple & nutritious recipes for him to try out. He is very close to me since my & his childhood days. I specially prepared this dish for him, took step-by-step pictures so that it helps. This one is for you Ashwin. He was the inspiration behind me to start this new series. This is also for those who have just entered the kitchen & do not have much knowledge about cooking.  I will try to post a recipe at least once in fort-night for this series.

This dish tastes great when mixed with hot rice & a dollop of ghee. Tastes good with Indian breads (chapathi). Could be eaten as is.

Ingredients: (Serves 1-2)
Carrots: 1/4kilo (2-3 medium sized)
Oil: 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds/saasive: 1/4 tsp
Urad dal/uddinabele/black lentils (split & deskinned): 1 tsp
Kadalebele/Gram dal: 1 tsp
Menasinakayi/Red chillies: 2 nos (broken)
Karibevu/Curry leaves: 4 nos
Water: 1/4th cup
Salt: According to taste
Sugar: a pinch/ondu chitike

For garnishing:
Coriander leaves: 2 tbsp (finely chopped)
Grated coconut: 3 tbsp (fresh or frozen)


Wash the carrots & gently peel the outer skin. Grate the carrots & keep them aside.

Heat oil in a broad pan, when oil is hot. Add mustard seeds, when mustard seeds splutter, add urad & gram dal. When dal turns golden brown, add red chillies & curry leaves.

When leaves turn crisp, add the grated carrots & saute for 10-15secs. Add the water & allow the carrots to cook on a medium flame for 5 mins.

When carrot is soft, add salt, sugar & cook again on a low heat for a minute.
Turn off the flame & finally garnish it with coriander leaves & grated coconut.

Serve it hot with steamed rice or chapathi or roti.


  1. I have never made poriyal with carrot alone,sounds easy,will try it,lovely clicks!

  2. Hi,

    greattttttt recipe...cos tis so simple!!!


  3. simple and tasty one, even i do it the same way...

  4. Dear Sush
    I never knew carrots could be cooked this way..I thought it was for salad, gajar ka Halua and some combo with other vege. Very nice indeed must try your way. This is equally applicable for beginners and veterans too :-)
    Happy cooking

  5. Thanks a lot Sush i ll prepare this and let u know.

  6. Simple and yummy carrot stir fry.

  7. never saw carrot stir fry in such a colorful way...looks awesome..easy n healthy too ...thanks for sharing dear


  8. never had something like this before..sounds interesting and healthy..lovely step by step pics...very helpful.

  9. Easy and tasty poriyal...lovely clicks!!

  10. Hi Sush,

    I prepared carrot palya it came out very good.



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