Thursday, September 16, 2010

One more milestone & a festive spread

Yippee.., Another day, another milestone...if you remember, I had recently celebrated 2nd year birthday of Savi-Ruchi. Now, with this post, I have completed 200 posts...Thank you for all the continued support. When I started, I really had not imagined that I will be enthusiastic for, so long. I am extremely satisfied with myself. I enjoy cooking; I like clicking; and I love blogging (Sorry..couldn't think of a good rhyming word :) :)...

Back to the festive spread. Thought of sharing with you my Ganesha festival thali or spread. We had a great festival this year. My son thoroughly enjoyed the prayers & the food. Poor guy was forced to fast with us, as I was busy preparing the prasadam(offerings to God).

Here is what I prepared.
1. Sabbakki payasam/kheer(Sago pudding)
2. Kosu palya (Cabbage stirfry)
3. Kadlekalu usli (steamed & spiced black chickpeas/garbanzo beans)
4. Puliyogare (Tamarind rice)
5. Thukudi/shankarpoli (Fried snack)
6. Modaka/modak (fried sweet dumplings)
7. Hayagreeva/maddi (Gram dal dessert)
8. Rice
9. Thovve (Dal fry)
10. Rasam
11. Karigadabu (Deep fried sweet dish)
12. Curd/Yogurt (It didnot take any effort to prepare this though!!)

Here is a picture for you (It has items 1-9). I was too tired & hungry after preparing. Hence, did not make effort to take pictures in different angles. Did not even bother to place them in different bowls. Will take better pictures next time. Promise!

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