Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sorekayi (Louki/Bottle guard) halwa

Vangi bath, mosaranna, sorekayi halwa, seemeakki vada!!!!
yenidu list antha kelbedi.., idella naane madiddu.., iste allade poori, aloo palya kooda madidde..
[English: Dont ask me what list is this, I only prepared all these dishes.., on top of this I also prepared poori & aloo(potato) subji]

All these were prepared on my hubby's birthday to impress him. No idea whether he was impressed or not.., but I enjoyed eating all of these & also was happy about myself that I can cook whole lot of dishes :)

Now, directly to the ingredients & the preparation. I'll post the recipes of vangibath, saabudana vada later.

Let me start with the sweet/dessert.

Sorekayi halwa/ Louki halwa
(Kannada : Sorekayi, Hindi:Louki, English:Bottle guard)

1 medium sized sorekayi
150 gms sugar
4 tablespoons of ghee
3 tablespoons khova ( as I didnot find it here, I only prepared it!!!)
2 tablespoons of dry fruits (cashewnuts, raisins, badam)
a pinch of cardomom powder

  • Peel the skin & de-seed the sorekayi
  • Grate the sorekayi & remove the water from the grated sorekayi
  • Keep this water as it is helpful while cooking
  • In a broad vessel, add 2-3 tablespoons of ghee.., to this add grated sorekayi
  • Mix the sorekayi well in ghee, now add little water and cook it for awhile (keep stirring to avoid loki sticking to the pan)
  • When Loki is half-cooked, add the sugar and mix it well
  • Now, the whole mixture becomes little watery and keep cooking this mixture, until all the water evaporates
  • When the mixture is cooked (when the ghee separates from the mixture, it is an indication that the mixture is cooked), add the khova, cardamom powder and mix it well
  • cook this for 10 minutes
  • In a separate kadai, add the remaining ghee. Put the dryfruits into the ghee & fry the same.
  • Add this fried dry fruits along with ghee to the sorekayi mixture & mix it well.
  • Sorekayi halwa is ready.
Your taste buds will crave for hot sorekayi halwa with icecream(vanilla). Try it once & you'll remember what I said, each time u have it :)


  1. i love this one.., thanks for sharing the recipe

  2. I just searched for the recipe of sorekayi halwa (My fav sweet :)) in Google and this is the top result out of two..thanks for sharing. I will try this dish now.



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