Thursday, December 24, 2009

Doddapatre Bajji (Coleus aromaticus Pakora)

How are you guys? What are you planning for Christmas & New Year? I am back this monday & am all tired, sad, sick & what not!! On top of it.., I had to rush back to work on the same day.., hmmmmm..., Boring isn't it? I will write about my exciting trip to India in my coming posts. Also, will soon catch up with you guys too. I have got few recipe requests. Will try to publish them in the coming months.

I will quickly jump to the recipe & stop all the blah.., blah..
This bajji/bonda/pakoda.., huh...whatever you call it... is from my ajji(grandmom). The strong aroma of the doddapatre leaves along with the bland gram flour & the spicy chilli powder made a great match. I forgot all my diet & took 2-3servings :)

Gram flour/besan/kadale hittu: 1 cup
Rice flour: 2-3tbsp
Chilli powder: 1 tsp (adjust according to your family needs)
Salt: According to taste
Baking Soda: a small pinch
Oil: 1 tbsp
Water: Around 1 cup (Sorry.., didnot have time & patience to measure it)
Doddapatre yele/Coleus aromaticus: 8-10 leaves
Oil: For deep frying


For the batter: Add the gram flour, rice flour, chilli powder, salt, baking soda to a bowl & gently mix them. Heat the 1 tbsp oil & when the oil is hot, add it to the gram flour mixture. Mix it again.

Now add water (little at a time) & prepare the batter. Batter should be like a thick milkshake.

Wash each doddapatre yele(leaves) carefully & allow it to dry or pat them dry.

Add sufficient oil to a deep pan & heat the oil. Dip the leaves in the batter(one leaf at a time) & put the leaves properly coated with batter to hot oil. Fry on both sides until they turn golden brown.

Drain it on an absorbent paper & enjoy the hot bajji/pakora with coffee/tea.


1. Donot try to mix ginger, garlic, coriander leaves to the batter as it would out power the aroma of doddapatre leaves. These leaves have a great aroma (difficult to take.., if you are first time to this leafy vegetable).
2. Be very gentle while washing these leaves as they tear our easily.

Will write more about the medicinal values of doddapatre in my coming posts (One more interesting recipe using doddapatre soppu is following soon). Meantime, have a close look of the leaves.

Last but not the least....

"Merry Christmas. Enjoy your day with family & friends"

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