Monday, September 7, 2009

Tava Fried Vegetables

People who are calorie conscious are requested to be away from this dish. Dont even see the pictures. Though the pictures have not come out good, there would be chances that you might feel like looking at the ingredient list. By chance if you happen to see the photo, dont ever peek into the ingredients because you might feel it is very simple & might think of giving it a try. Also, if you happen to try, dont blame me that I spoilt your diet.

If you are not calorie conscious, go ahead & try this simple, tasty tava veg that will surely be welcomed by all your family members. Do try & let me know if you liked it :)

Ingredients: (All vegetables are chopped into 1 inch cubes)
Small eggplants: 1 cup (I used green colored gulla badane & cut one brinjal into 4 parts)
Potato: 1 cup (peeled & cubed)
Cauliflower: 1 cup
Paneer: 1/2 cup
Capsicum: 1/2 cup
Shallots/Sambar onion: 1/2 cup (peeled)
Green chilli paste: 1 tbsp
Red chilli powder: 1 tsp
Pav Baji masala: 1 tsp
Amchur powder: 1 tsp
Chaat masala: 1 tsp
Tomato puree: 1/4th cup
Salt: According to taste
Oil : For deep frying (I use canola oil)

Sprinkle some salt on all the chopped vegetables & keep them aside for 5-10mins.
Squeeze the water released & deep fry the vegetables till brown. Vegetables should get half cooked in oil.
Drain in an absorbent paper.

Heat the tava & place the vegetables on the rim of the tava (I couldn't take the picture of this)
Add a tbsp of oil. When oil is hot, add a big pinch of green chilli paste, add the few pieces of fried vegetables of your choice. Add a pinch of red chilli powder, pav bhaji masala, chat masala, amchur powder, salt & 1-1.5tbsp of tomato puree. Mix them well. Allow it to cook on a slow flame for 3-5minutes. Keep stirring in between.

Remove it from the tava & serve it immediately with roti/phulka.

  1. Prepare the veg for 1 person at a time. Dont load all the vegetables as it becomes difficult for the spices to blend well.
  2. Feel free to use other vegetables like okra/ladies finger & mushroom to this dish. I didnot have okra handy, else I never miss adding them. Okra & mushroom blend very well with the above spices.

I happened to change the photo of bhindi besan. Have a look

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