Thursday, July 23, 2009

A bliss till yesterday is a dream today

My son's schedule.

10a.m: Wake up.

10:30a.m: ajji (my mom) would make him drink milk & take him to playground
11a.m: Come back from playground. atthe(my mom-in-law) would bathe him. He used to perform prayers & recite some shlokas.

11:30a.m: Ajja (my father) would feed him breakfast.

12:15p.m: Thatha (my father-in-law) would somehow make him drink 1 glass of water.

12:30p.m: Play with all 4 of them.

2:00p.m: Delicious & steaming hot Udupi oota/Chikmagalur oota prepared by atthe/ajji. Ajja would feed him lunch, while thatha managed to play his favorite Kannada rhymes CD(undagi gunda.., ache mane subbamma etc).

3:00p.m: Ajji would make him drink a bottle of milk & put him for an afternoon nap. Ajji’s devaranama is a must for him to go to bed :D

5:30p.m: Wake up. Get bathed from atthe, and drink milk from ajji. Go to playground with either ajja or thatha.

6:30p.m: All 6 elders & he parading in the city streets.

10p.m: Back home, dinner fed by ajja, rhymes played by thatha.

11p.m: Play with all.

12midnight: Go back to sleep with amma(me).

What a bliss!!!

Yesterday, when they departed, he was weeping & was not letting anybody go. Same was the case with the two grandma’s. After coming back from airport, he searched his grandparents in kitchen & all the bedrooms. He became cranky & started missing them. Our state is also the same, just the difference being.., he is expressing his feelings.., WE ARE NOT!!!


  1. sad. If you guys are feeling so bad imagine the grandparents.

  2. Oh! That is so sad.. It just seems like yesterday that you were glad to have your folks around. I am sure your son is missing them.. What a price to pay right?

  3. sushma,
    Feel bad for the little one :(
    I know we adults feel the same when v miss our near and dear ones...but it's even more painful to c little ones feeling sad :(
    like SJ says the grandparents too must be feeling bad...
    I dont know what more to say :(
    My hugs to u and the little one ...
    wishing u lots of happiness dear!!


  4. :( dinagalu estu bega sagathe alwa..innu nenne monne banda haage ithu..

  5. Oh no sad dear.. Yah i know how it will be.. Really we and kid miss their grandparents once they depart from us.. Its really very tough to digest and we feel lonely min for ten days...Cheer up and divert urself in someother activities including ur kid.

  6. yaa,, really sad, he is missing them.

  7. Ohh Soo sad ..:( ..I know its soo hard ..nanu Indiakke hogta iddiniri after 5 years of ajnatha vasa :( (.heheh summne helde ..Amma appa atte ella bandiddru prati varsha )..Baruvaga nangu hinge aagiratte :(

  8. Must be really hard on all of you...hope he gets over the pangs and you all cherish the sweet memories and it brings a smile on your face...

  9. I can understand your son's feelings after reading all his daily schedule! Kids express their feelings well than us. So sad!!

  10. Oh no..thats so sad to hear..Even after allmost 2 yrs dotty daily remebers her ajji/tatha/chikkappa..all a lot I can imagine ur son who has pampered by them nearly a month...!!!!.wish he'll meet them again very soon..

  11. I can only imagine! Poor little guy, I hope he can see them soon again. You too :(

  12. Oh pure guy. It is tough especially when we are so far away from home. The last line really made me feel sad. Cheer up Sush, blogging will keep u busy

  13. :(((( i know its tough, and i am sure u too miss them :((

  14. tempting pics. loved it ...
    i know its tough on us and also on the kids but dont worry kids tend to forget easily so dont worry dear cheer up .......



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