Friday, April 17, 2009

Tomato-Onion Gojju: Simplicity at its best

My maid manages to cook dinner for us most of the weekdays. During her cooking sessions, she reminded me to buy a pack of chilli powder. We went to a nearby local market & bought a packet of chilli powder & started using it. She used the same chilli powder for 2-3days. I entered the kitchen few days after that & decided to prepare "Palakura Pappu"(Andra Style Spinach Dal). I poured 1/2tsp of chilli powder to the dish & my maid interrupted saying, the mirchi powder is not very spicy & suggested me to add some more. I then tasted the chilli powder a little & found that it was nowhere near to red chilli powder. I hardly could feel any spice in that, but noticed that the red color of the powder was giving a feel that, the powder is very good. I asked my maid to throw that powder immediately & decided not to buy any powders from the local markets here. The dal prepared also tasted bad & hubby started saying, ninna aduge eega modalina level nalli illa" (Your cooking is not up to the mark these days).

Next day evening was roti & tomato-onion gojju at our home. I had asked my maid to throw the red chilli powder & started staring at my ceiling for red chilli powder. Eureka.., I immediately recalled preserving some chilli flakes packets during our usual pizza sessions. I decided to use the chilli flakes available with me for tomato onion gojju. Here is what I felt after eating: “Tomatoes were melting while onions were crunchy. The chilli flakes, sugar gave a nice flavor, taste to the tangy gojju & the channa dal tempering took this dish to a different level altogether.”

Tomatoes: 4 medium sized
Onions: 2 medium sized
Green Peas: 1/4th cup boiled or frozen(optional)
Oil: 1tbsp
Mustard Seeds: ½ tsp
Channa dal: 1.5 tbsp
Urad dal: ½ tsp (optional)
Curry leaves: 4-6
Chilli flakes: 1 tsp ( we like it less spicy )
Salt: according to taste
Sugar: 1tsp
Coriander leaves: 1 tbsp (for garnishing)

  • Chop the tomatoes into ½ inch pieces. Thin slice the onions & keep aside
  • Heat a pan, add oil to the pan. When oil is hot, add mustard seeds, follow it by urad & channa dal. Fry till dals turn golden brown. Add curry leaves.
  • Add the onions & fry for a while (no need to fry till it turns golden brown, fry till the raw smell of onion vanishes). Add boiled green peas & saute again.
  • Add the chopped tomatoes & cook it for 3-4 minutes. Now add, sugar, salt, chilli flakes & cook on a medium flame for 5-7 more minutes.
  • Switch off the flame, garnish it with coriander leaves.
  • Gojju is ready to be served with dosa, idli, roti or rice.

Do not mash the tomatoes or over cook them. The tomato pieces needs to maintain its shape & yet become soft.

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  1. Naanu e gojju madteeni, tumba ruchiyagirutte Chapati jotege! :)

    You know, I bought a pack of Paprika pd form Indian store last week, I think it has more red food color than natural Paprika, so yucky. Best thing to do is buy Mexican while chillies and grind it yourself for great color and smoky taste. Gojju looks delicious!:)

  2. Wow Tomato gojju looks tempting and very colorful... Finger licking dish sushma... Lovely pic...

  3. When ever I have to make something fast I make is a hit..yumm. Tumba channagide.

  4. wow ! sushma ..nice color and superb dish Thanks for sharing :)

  5. we make this too, but we add saarina pudi to it

  6. your description makes the dish look extra mouthwatering. When you said you looked at your ceiling for chilli powder, i thought a packet fell into your hands (thanks to god's miracle) :D Kidding!

  7. LOL @ "started staring at my ceiling for red chilli powder".

    Tomato curry looks so colorful and yummy Sushma! Sometimes I make the same curry to go with rice.

  8. gojju looks colorful,me too make the same without peas;)nice entry for the event!!

  9. Hi Sushma
    It was interesting to read abt ur red chilli powder adventure :)
    Chilli flakes usage is innovative in our Indian gojjus it gets a foregin twist;) good one though ...I too had made tomato onion gojju tasting tangy n sweet...I used red chilli powder, sugar,a wee bit of tamarind pulp.
    Ur gojju looks zabardast!
    Hope ur little fella is doing fine!!
    Happy to c ur posts!

  10. Gojju looks so nice an spicy an goes well with chapathi !! I make it without peas, shall try dis :)!!

  11. Hi Sushma,

    I love this gosthu, perfect with dosa and pongal.

  12. Yumy dish, must have tasted mouthwatering...



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