Monday, March 16, 2009

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

I think, it was in 2003 or 04. 'Metro Cash and Carry' had just opened in Bangalore. There was a big craze in people to visit this shop since it was offering huge discounts. Also, you need to have a member card to even enter the shop, which was not given to individuals, but to people who had registered companies in their names or something like that (I don’t remember much).

My friend said, he has got his friend’s card & we can go for shopping there. Being a shopaholic, I was dreaming about buying so many things there. One such item, I bought, is a Grilled Sandwich Maker. I prepared sandwich with full enthusiasm for couple of months & after that I did not use it for couple of years. Slowly my “pathi devru” (hubby) started taunting me for not using it.This made me look for options that use the grilled sandwich maker.

In the meantime, I was lucky that our office caterer got changed & the new caterer served some nice grilled sandwiches (The only item he served & cooked well was this sandwich). He gave many different & attractive combination of grilled sandwiches. I took him as my 'Guru' and started trying new varieties of them. On such version is presented below. This version of grilled sandwich includes tomato, capsicum & carrot. Do try it & let me also know the result.


Sandwich bread (salted whole meal or white bread would suffice) : 8 slices
Tomatoes finely chopped : 2 nos
Capsicum finely chopped : 1 no
Grated carrot : ½ carrot or one small
Grated paneer : 1 tsp for each sandwich (this makes 4 sandwiches, hence 4 tsp)
Margarine Cheese or butter : 1 tsp for each sandwich (this makes 4 sandwiches, hence 4 tsp)
Salt : As you wish
Chilli sauce or green chilli chutney : 1 tsp for each sandwich (this makes 4 sandwiches, hence 4 tsp)
Tomato Sauce: For serving


  • Heat the sandwich maker for 10mins (or as mentioned in the user guide of the sandwich maker)

  • Meantime, smear ½ tsp (or little less) of chilli sauce on one side of the bread (One sandwich needs 2 slices of bread, so smear the chilli chutney or sauce on both the slices, but ensure to smear on only one side of the bread)

  • Spread chopped tomatoes on 1/3rd portion of the chilli sauce smeared bread slice, continue with capsicum & carrots for remaining 2/3rd portion.

  • Sprinkle some grated paneer on the top of spread vegetables.

  • Close the vegetables spread bread with another chutney/sauce smeared slice.

  • Cook it for 10mins (or as mentioned in the user guide of the sandwich maker).

  • Remove from the sandwich maker & smear some margarine onto the hot sandwich.

  • Enjoy the grilled sandwich with tomato sauce.


  1. wow ! looking good ...Thanks for the recipe :)

  2. Love those grill marks! Thats a GOOD appliance to own :)

  3. @Mangala,
    Thanks dear

    I agree & I'm happy that I started using it back.

    Thank you

  4. Beautiful. I have a sandwich maker too but haven't used it in a long time, got to soon! :)

  5. Lovely grill marks..Great evening snack or breakfast..

  6. Sandwich looks awesome with those grill marks :) Nice recipe.

  7. I love sandwiches and yours looks the grooves on it!

    the spice who loved me

  8. Hi Sushma...the sandwich looks yummy...could have it anytime...
    you have a great place here.

  9. Great tea time snack.Love those grill marks :)

  10. pretty sandwiches. Looks mouth-watering.

  11. @LG,
    Thanks ri

    Good, try madi. Thanks for the comments

    Thanks Ashwini, I usually prepare this on a saturday morning.

    I go crazy for those grill marks. Thank you.

    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, keep coming :)

    @Poornima Nair,
    Thanks a lot.

    Even I like thr grill marks on the bread. Thanks for the comments

  12. Nangu sandwich andre thumba ishta!!!

  13. @Uma,
    Thank you.

    namma hubby fav sandwich, thanks a lot for your comments

  14. Wow!
    wow! yummy recipe, will try tonight.



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