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Ragi rotti | Finger millet flat bread | Ragi Thalipeeth

How to make Karnataka Style Ragi rotti? 

                              (Served with spicy green chilli chutney & butter)

It's already very cold & gloomy here. The Sun is hardly seen for 4-5 hours a day. I normally cook around 3-4 p.m & by the time I'm done cooking, the Sun would sleep. I'm struggling with the pictures. When I checked my old hard disk, I found a whole lot of food photos taken during my Singapore days. Hence decided to utilize all the pictures. So, for the next couple of months, it'll be mostly clearing my old draft posts.

Ragi | Nachni | Finger millet is rich in calcium, low GI, good for diabetic & keeps you full for a long time. Not to forget, it is rich in fiber, protein, and iron too. If you are using ragi for the first time, you might not like it. You need to develop the taste of ragi to relish the goodness.

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 2-3 mins for each rotti
Serves: 2-3


Ingredients: (Makes about 6-7 rottis)
For the rotti dough:
Ragi flour : 3 cups
Onion: 1 medium sized, finely chopped
Dill leaves : 1/2 cup, finely chopped (refer notes)
Grated coconut: 3 tbsp, fresh or frozen
Cumin seeds: 1 tsp
Salt: As needed
Water : As needed

Other ingredients:
Oil: About 1 tsp for each rotti/flat bread

For making the rotti:
Aluminium foil or parchment paper or brown paper:  about 10-12 wide.


(Served with chutney powder & ghee)

Mix all the ingredients mentioned for the rotti (Except water). Add 2-3 tbsp of water at a time & prepare the dough. The dough will be soft & a bit sticky. Consistency of the dough should be like a patty dough consistency. Let the dough sit for 5-10 mins.

Make golf ball sized dough balls.

Grease the aluminium foil & pat them on the aluminium foil. Wet your hands  in between with water to ease the patting.

Heat the griddle. When griddle is hot, grease the griddle. Put the aluminium foil(I used a brown paper this time, aluminium foil works great too!) on the griddle (rotti side on the griddle). Cook the rotti along with the aluminium foil for 30-45 secs. Slowly remove the foil. 


The rotti gets transferred from the foil to the griddle.Add oil around the rotti & also few drops on top of the rotti.
Cook it covered on a medium-high heat on both sides.
Remove the cooked rotti. Repeat the patting & cooking procedure. 
Serve the rotti hot with a chutney/dip or vegetable stew/curry of your choice.

  • You could mix a portion of cooked rice (mash it thoroughly) for softer rottis. Adding jowar flour (sorghum flour ) works too. 
  • If you do not have dill leaves handy, other green leafy vegetables like spinach, methi (fenugreek leaves) or coriander leaves could be added. 
  • I have served rotti with chutney powder & ghee for my hubby, while I ate it with butter & spicy green chilli chutney.



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