Thursday, May 31, 2012

Plain Rava Dosa/Crispy cream of wheat crepes: Restaurant Style

Here is my first attempt on adding a video to my post. Hope you all find it useful.

The best thing about rava dosa is, it does not have to be fermented. So, no more waiting for hours to relish a dosa. Handy availability of ingredients in pantry is an added bonus. This dish comes to the rescue when you haven't planned anything for breakfast or for dinner.

Preparation Time: 3 mins
Resting Time: 15 mins
Cooking time: Around 2 mins for each dosa

For the batter: (Makes around 16-18 dosas)
Fine sooji/Chiroti rava: 1 cup
AP Flour/Maida: 0.75 cup
Rice flour: 1.25 cups
Butter milk: 0.5 cup
Water: 5 to 5.5 cups
Salt: As needed

For cooking the dosa:
Oil: 1 tsp or more on each dosa

  • Mix all the ingredients mentioned (except water) & whisk well.
  • Slowly add 4 cups of water & keep whisking. Allow it to rest for 15 mins.
  • The semolina/rava will absorb the water & the batter becomes thick after the resting time. 
  • Add a cup of more water & mix well. Video below shows the consistency of the batter.
  • Heat the griddle/dosa tava on a medium flame. When the griddle is hot, pour in the batter. See the video below to understand how to spread the batter. (This is only for rava dosa!)
  • Sprinkle oil on the edges of the dosa & around 1/2 tsp on the center of the dosa. Cook on medium heat for 60-90 secs uncovered. Then increase the heat to high & roast the dosa for another 20-30 secs. 
  • Fold the dosa & remove the dosa from the heat (there is no need to flip & cook on the other side of the dosa for this).
  • Serve the crispy dosa with a dip/sauce/chutney of your choice.

  1. I have heard people make this with upma rava/semolina. However I have never tried the dosa with it. So, I am not sure how it turns out. 
  2. You could add finely chopped onions, green chilli, curry leaves, a dash of pepper powder & coriander leaves to make onion rava dosa. 

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