Thursday, November 3, 2011

My blog completes it's third year. A game for its celebration!

My blog completed THREE years this August & I failed to remember it. My bad :(
                                                                              (Photo courtesy: here)

Let me repeat it for the last time, promise! I have become damn lazy after moving back to India. Easy availability of my favorite food is one of the major reasons for my blog to take a back seat. I repent for it! Let me say it honestly, I am trying to get back to blogging, but I can't promise when I can kick start it again in full action. Sorry folks!

My dear blogger friend Prathibha, had tagged me in a 7 links game. She has given a beautiful write up about it too. Thought it would be apt to celebrate my blog's birthday by playing a game of revisiting the past. 

My most beautiful post: Broccoli ka kheema
I love the simplicity of this dish. This one is healthy, quick & a versatile side dish.

My most popular post: Tomato Bhath: Karnataka Style
It is undoubtedly the most popular recipe of my blog. Thanks to all of you for making it so popular!

The post I'm most proud of: Breakfast Burittos
I never dream't I would try any other non-Indian dishes. I am proud that I tried Mexican at home & addicted to it :)

My most useful post: Idli/Idly

Most of my beginner series posts are appreciated & found useful by many. However my personal choice would be idli.

Surprise success post: Hotel sambar
This is my own experimental sambar. Two of my friends tried it the same day & gave a thumbs up. Felt so good.

Most controversial post: None
Happy that none of my got into controversies.

Posts which deserves attention, but did not get as much:
My posts in the early blogging years have not got much attention, partly because of poor pictures. So, request the readers to have a look at my older posts whenever possible. Thanks.



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