Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guessing time!

If you have observed in the first photo that this is a plant that grows near the water & it is abundantly seen during the rainy season. There are many delicacies made using this leaf as the main ingredient! Now, start guessing.

Note: I am currently enjoying my vacation & will be back after couple of weeks!!

Update: All of you have guessed it right. They are colocasia leaves used in making pathrode/pathra. Will give a tough one next time! Thanks for participating. 


  1. This is colocasia leaves :)
    Popularly known as "Teire" in Goa.

  2. i think it is the leaf used to make "Pathrode"..

  3. First to comment :-)
    adu kesuvina ele/colocasia leaves/elephant ears - nodidrene patrode tinno aase aagta ide :-), maadidre, namagu swalpa kalisikodi


  4. hi sush,
    This colcasia :P kesuvina yele...we make patrode and many delicacies ...mainly M'lore people :P:

    Happy hollidays!

  5. These are Taro leaves/colacasia leaves...hmm so many have already guessed..:)

  6. colocasia leaves/Taro you gave a easy one :)

  7. Hey sush..This is kesuvina yele also known as colacasia leaves..Yeah this is all mangaloreans favorite.. Patrode, chutney and tambli hmmm love it..Lucky you enjoy your vacation :)

  8. colocasia .... what do we get for guessing it right? :P

  9. Patrode maado ele alva idu..

  10. All above friends confirmed my guess..
    wats this leaves used for ?

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