Monday, June 18, 2012

Daliya Khichdi/Broken Wheat Khichdi: Beginner series

I'm happy that in a short time I have made like minded friends here. We go for short walks, shop together & also chat over phone. Not only that, we have started sharing recipes too. One such recipe, I learnt from a friend is this daliya khichdi. Our family liked it so much that, in a week I made it twice. The second time, I did not forget to take the pictures to share it with you all.

A comforting khichdi that is fast to cook, non-spicy, and also rich in fiber, & protein. 

Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins

Ingredients: (Serves 4)
Daliya/Broken wheat/Godi nucchu: 1.3 cups
Yellow moong dal/Split & skinned gram dal: 1/2 cup
Mixed vegetables: 2 cups (I used potatoes, carrots, peas, corn & beans)
Red onion: 1 medium sized, cubed
Ghee/Clarified butter: 1 tbsp
Oil:1 tsp
Cumin seeds: 1 tsp
Asafoetida: a pinch
Turmeric: a big pinch
Curry leaves: 3-4 nos, chopped
Water: 3.5 cups
Salt: According to taste

Special utensils:
Pressure cooker

  • Wash the broken wheat & moong dal together. Drain the water & keep it aside.
  • Heat the ghee & oil in a pressure cooker. When the ghee is hot, add cumin seeds. When seeds turn golden brown, add curry leaves. When leaves wilt, add asafoetida.
  • Follow it by mixed vegetables (except onion). Saute the vegetables in ghee for a minute.
  • Add the turmeric, broken wheat & dal mixture to the cooker & saute for 2-3 mins on medium heat. The ghee should coat well on the broken wheat, vegetables & dal. 
  • Add the water, salt, red onion to the cooker & let the water boil on a med-high heat.
  • When water starts boiling, close the lid of the pressure cooker. Let it cook on med-high heat.
  • Remove the cooker from the heat after 3 whistles. Let the cooker sit for 5-7 mins or until the pressure is released completely.
  • Mix the khichdi well & serve it with a side dish of your choice. 

  • We love to eat this khichdi with plain yogurt, boondi raita, chutney or a vegetable kurma/saagu. Relish it with whatever you like.
  • My friend says, do not try adding green chillies or black pepper. The dish tastes better without any heat!
  • Broken wheat can be easily found in any Indian grocery stores.
  • Broken wheat to water ratio is 1: 2.5 cups.


  1. That's really interesting. My mum makes curd rice with bugler wheat and I have never tried experimenting with as I don't fancy the taste much. But this looks really interesting, I will give it a try!

  2. yummy delicious and nutritious daliya khichdi.

  3. The khichdi looks so yum!!! Very well presented :)

  4. i make this with finer one..but am loving the grains..nice..

  5. Good to know that you already found friends and having fun with them...This kichdi looks very healthy and comfort meal

  6. Sounds delicious and interesting dear :)

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  7. Nutritious and healthy khichdi.

  8. This Khichdi with boondi raita sounds lip smacking :) slurp

  9. That's an yum recipe...nice to know that u have got friends over there....



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