Thursday, July 23, 2009

A bliss till yesterday is a dream today

My son's schedule.

10a.m: Wake up.

10:30a.m: ajji (my mom) would make him drink milk & take him to playground
11a.m: Come back from playground. atthe(my mom-in-law) would bathe him. He used to perform prayers & recite some shlokas.

11:30a.m: Ajja (my father) would feed him breakfast.

12:15p.m: Thatha (my father-in-law) would somehow make him drink 1 glass of water.

12:30p.m: Play with all 4 of them.

2:00p.m: Delicious & steaming hot Udupi oota/Chikmagalur oota prepared by atthe/ajji. Ajja would feed him lunch, while thatha managed to play his favorite Kannada rhymes CD(undagi gunda.., ache mane subbamma etc).

3:00p.m: Ajji would make him drink a bottle of milk & put him for an afternoon nap. Ajji’s devaranama is a must for him to go to bed :D

5:30p.m: Wake up. Get bathed from atthe, and drink milk from ajji. Go to playground with either ajja or thatha.

6:30p.m: All 6 elders & he parading in the city streets.

10p.m: Back home, dinner fed by ajja, rhymes played by thatha.

11p.m: Play with all.

12midnight: Go back to sleep with amma(me).

What a bliss!!!

Yesterday, when they departed, he was weeping & was not letting anybody go. Same was the case with the two grandma’s. After coming back from airport, he searched his grandparents in kitchen & all the bedrooms. He became cranky & started missing them. Our state is also the same, just the difference being.., he is expressing his feelings.., WE ARE NOT!!!