Monday, December 31, 2012

The year 2012 in retrospect

The moment I decided to write this post, my mind did a slideshow of  an array of things non-stop. Apart from a couple of incidents (that I would want to forget!), it was a great year for me. Little did I imagine in 2011 that I would be experiencing my first snow, my first autumn & would be visiting many attractions in the US. I hope God has planned better things for the coming year too.

I moved to my own domain this year. I tried lots of new dishes which I am yet to write about. Now I can effortlessly bake & decorate dozens of cupcakes. I'm happy that my blog has given me a new identity & a new motive!!

Here are my personal favorites from the year 2012:

Spring Onion Curry

Pav Bhaji

Khara bhath

Tomato Rasam: Kerala Style

Eggless vanilla cupcakes

Masala Vada

Plain Rava Dosa

Grilled eggplant burger

Potato Roast

Cashew Burfi/Kaju katli